• Gelatin powder 220 Bloom 7 g
    • Water for the gelatin 35 g
    • Whole milk 263 g
    • OPALYS 33% chocolate 342 g
    • Heavy cream 36% 353 g
    • Vanilla see table below

  • Hydrate the gelatin. Heat the milk and vanilla.* Strain out any pieces if necessary and add more milk to ensure the weight is correct. Heat the milk and add the rehydrated gelatin. Gradually combine the hot milk with the partially melted chocolate, making sure it forms an emulsion. Mix with an immersion blender as soon as you can, until the emulsion is perfect. Once the mixture is at 90-95°F (26-29°C), combine with the cream whipped to the texture of a mousse. Pour immediately. Freeze.

    *Infusing time: 20 minutes while hot