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As partners in vanilla, we are committed to offering products that respect strict criteria and high quality standards all year round for chefs.
The launch of our new, easy-to-use product demonstrates this commitment, still upheld today.

Discover our new organic vanilla extract: the power of these beans with intense vanilla and woody notes that will shine through in your creations.

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We have chosen to use Madagascan vanilla planifolia to guarantee high vanillin content in our extract, as this is the main aromatic component of the plant.
The beans used are carefully chosen according to a strict set of specifications. To make sure that your creations always get a strong, aromatic hit of vanilla, we only use vanilla beans with optimal vanillin content.
And to provide transparency about the vanillin content of our extract, it’s even on the label.

Extrait de vanille Bourbon Bio NOROHY

We avoided adding any food coloring or additives, sticking to the essential ingredients: concentrated organic vanilla extract and organic cane sugar syrup.
Finally, for a striking visual effect, we decided to make use of the exhausted vanilla seeds and add them to our extract.

Matière extrait

20g of vanilla extract has the same vanillin content as an entire vanilla bean and provides complex aromas as well. This exceptional product can be used in any recipe, saving you time without compromising on quality or presentation.

Characteristics of our organic bourbon vanilla extract

Concentration : 200 G/L

Origin of vanilla beans : Madagascar

Only mature beans selected to guarantee aromatic complexity

A recipe using organic cane sugar syrup, no caramel or flavour enhancers

Organic certification

Bottle made from 100% recycled and recyclable PET

Extrait de vanille Bourbon de Madagascar Bio sans grains NOROHY en 6 kg

Specific extract for the United States

NOROHY has developed a specific extract for the American market, complying with current regulatory requirements with an alcohol base. This exceptional quality Organic Bourbon Vanilla extract from Madagascar is available in two sizes: 128 fl oz (1 gallon) and 32 fl oz (1/4 gallon).

norohy extrait

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