We wanted to bring the Vanilla of Chefs to you, lovers of pastry and high-quality products. Discover the range that will take your pastries to the next level!

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Norohy organic vanilla from Madagascar

Norohy organic Madagascan vanilla possesses aromatic qualities sought after by the greatest chefs: a high content of natural vanillin as well as intense floral and woody aromas.



Norohy Tahitian vanilla

Discover our Tahiti vanilla beans, filled with a complex bouquet of flavors. These oily, aroma-rich beans offer intense aniseed and floral notes with a hint of almond, tonka bean and balsamic vinegar. A very special ingredient with intense and subtle aromatic properties.




Norohy organic vanilla extract


All the power of the Madagascar vanilla bean can be found in our organic Bourbon vanilla extract. Easy to use, this exceptional product with intense, woody vanilla notes will instantly add scent and flavor to your creations. To guarantee the aromatic complexity of the original product, we developed this extract from vanilla beans that were carefully selected for their aromatic qualities.

This 50mL bottle is enough to make the equivalent of 5 classic cakes.

It can be used in all your recipes, from pancakes to chantilly whipped cream, and can also bring great flavor to a plain yogurt with just a few drops, for a guaranteed gourmet effect!

A recipe with no additives or flavor enhancers, made with concentrated vanilla extract, organic cane sugar syrup, exhausted vanilla seeds, and nothing else!

Extrait de vanille 50ml Norohy


Vanilla like you’ve never seen it before! This product has been awarded the SIRHA 2023 Innovation Prize.

The perfect dose of vanilla melts in moments in your hot preparations, instantly bringing the right balance of vanilla, woody, aniseed, and flowery notes to your sweet or savory creations. As it integrates into your recipes, hundreds of vanilla beans will appear for visual delight!

Easy to use, in solid form to melt or grate, Tadoka holds the perfect blend of Madagascan and Papua New Guinean vanillas.

With a Clean Label recipe: no additives, no preservatives, the 3 doses in this packet are waiting for you!

tadoka la juste dose de vanille pour les particuliers
  • Tadoka vanille de Norohy : la juste dose New Tadoka – Just the right amount of vanilla for individuals Contact us


More than just vanilla powder… Whole vanilla pods in powder form!

Our finely ground vanilla powder, easy to measure, is perfect for use in chocolate-making, pastry, or even baking.

Indulge in this new form of vanilla with intensely woody notes, crafted using organic Bourbon pods from Madagascar.

Sprinkle or incorporate it into your dough and preparations!

vanille en poudre bio pour les particuliers

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