The fusion of all the parts of a vanilla bean

When infusing vanilla, each part of the bean plays a role and brings its own aromatic features. They work together to express this inimitable complexity and create true harmony between flavors.

We know how important it is to maintain the rate of production in the lab while controlling the cost of raw materials in your recipes. Supporting you every day in aiming for a more balanced and enlightened use of vanilla is part of our mission.

Thus we created VANIFUSION: all the parts of a vanilla bean combined in an easy to dose paste

In collaboration with pastry chefs from L’École Valrhona and clients who are passionate about vanilla, we have spent several months developing THE recipe that brings together all the parts of the bean and reveals all its aromatic complexity.

In one simple step, instantly add the delicate and intense character of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar or the Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea to your creations.

Pâte de gousses de vanille Tahitensis et cuillère de dosage Norohy

Focus on VANIFUSION recipe :


For adding highly aromatic, full-bodied, vanilla notes. Made using mature pods.


For a striking visual effect in your creations


For the unmistakably woody notes of the beans


For easier dosage and storage


Tahitensis organic vanilla bean paste

In order to highlight an aromatic signature that is highly sought after in pastry making, Norohy has extended its Vanifusion range by developing a new vanilla bean paste, originating from Papua New Guinea.

This island, known for its tribal culture, its equatorial climate and its luxuriant flora, is also renowned for its production of Tahitensis vanilla, a variety of vanilla highly prized in pastry-making. The unique terroir of Papua New Guinea gives the beans an intense and complex aromatic profile, reminiscent of the typical floral and aniseed notes of Tahitian vanilla.

Find all the aromatic power of this singular variety in a recipe that brings together all the components of the vanilla bean, for instant flavouring.

Discover VANIFUSION in video

Characteristics of our Tahitensis vanilla bean paste

Equivalent of 550 g of beans/kg

Origin of the beans: Papua New Guinea

A recipe without additives or flavor enhancers

Easy to dose texture:  5g of paste = 3g of beans

100% recyclable tub


Being a fan of the aromatic power of Tahitensis beans, I was seduced by Norohy's new vanilla bean paste, which is easy to use and rich in aniseed and floral notes! Baptiste Sirand, Pastry Chef Trainer at the Valrhona School

Characteristics of our organic vanilla beans paste

Equivalent of 400g of beans/kg

Origin of the beans: Madagascar

A recipe without additives or flavor enhancers

Easy to dose texture:  5g of paste = 3g of beans

Organic certification

100% recyclable tub


By testing Norohy's VANIFUSION organic vanilla bean paste, I rediscovered all the freshness and aromatic complexity of the bean, in a product that is easy and practical to use. Christophe Roussel, Pastry Chef in La Baule (44)