Vanilla to sweeten your life

Tadoka the perfect dose of vanilla, is a breakthrough innovation that will revolutionize how you use vanilla as an ingredient. We are bringing you a brand new vanilla product. As well as our extract, paste andpowder, you can now try solid vanilla, ready to melt or grate. We have worked together with customers who are passionate about vanilla, leaving no stone unturned in the search for the perfect aromatic balance between the Planifolia and Tahitensis varieties.

They all agree: after testing the product, they love how easy it is to add to recipes, how great it tastes, and how closely they can control the cost price.

We also wanted to make this innovative product both novel and iconic, a precious object that reveals all its raw finesse.


The name Tadoka comes from [TADA]: “accurate proportions” in Malagasy, and [AUKA]: “easy” in Papuan, perfectly describing the concept of this product. This dose of vanilla can be melted or grated straight into recipes. Explore vanilla in savory dishes, where until now only the raw vanilla bean could be used.


The “perfect dose” is an explosive concentrate of flavors contained in a small cube weighing precisely 4g. A complex blend of aromas that is simple to use in all types of recipes.

No need to weigh or even measure, just use one to two doses per kilo of preparation. It can be used cold or hot in creams, ganaches and ice creams, as well as in savory preparations, when cooking crustaceans, white meat, fish, etc.

Ultra-easy to melt or grate: 1 to 2 doses per kg of preparation 1 dose = 4g


Tadoka la juste dose de vanille

TADOKA, the perfect dose of vanilla, contains:

Vanilla concentrate for powerful, round aromatic notes of vanilla

Dried Planifolia vanilla beans for woody notes

Dried Tahitensis vanilla beans for floral and aniseed notes

Cocoa butter: the bonding ingredient that allows the product to melt easily and quickly

Exhausted vanilla beans to add visual effect to your creations

ingrédients Tadoka vanille Norohy