Organic Tunisian orange blossom

The Cape Bon peninsula is ideal for growing citrus fruit thanks to its mild and temperate climate, the richness of its soil and the dynamism of its workers. For these reasons, it was historically a region of choice for bitter orange trees.

The distillation of orange blossom water, an emblematic product of the region, is an ancestral and artisanal skill that is handed down from generation to generation.

The choice of a specific farming network and process

Originating from a traceable and sustainable family farming network, Norohy orange blossom water is produced from fresh bitter orange flower that is meticulously harvested by hand and then steam distilled for the first time at the production site to preserve all the freshness of the flowers.
We chose a specific second distillation to obtain natural orange blossom water that has a higher concentration of essence.

eau de fleur d'oranger Norohy BIO Tunisie


• Meticulously selected and distilled orange blossoms  

• A manufacturing process specifically chosen to ensure aromatic potential in use

• Guaranteed essence content at bottling 


Eau de fleur d'oranger bio Norohy