A marriage between vanilla producers and pastry-making professionals

Norohy is an ethical sourcing company, a platform for linking up talent and a discoverer of inspired creations that showcases this outstanding ingredient, from its world-best terroirs to its most delicious culinary iterations.

This intensely meaningful and promising marriage has a single vocation: To guarantee cooks, pastry chefs and restaurateurs reliable, ethical high-quality produce that will change the vanilla industry for the better.

Sans titre (9)

“Noro” and “Rohy” mean “light” and “bond” respectively in Malagasy.

The name perfectly encapsulates our desire to forge a link between producers and chefs, so that this fascinating, mysterious ingredient gets the attention it deserves.

From the plantation…

We support our vanilla producers on the ground, to guarantee the best quality for our vanilla beans and provide real traceability for their production.

We believe that thinking long-term, focusing on education and getting to know the terrain are the most reliable ways of having a positive impact on the environment and local community development.

Committed vanilla

Norohy engages avec les producteurs de vanille, mariage de la fleur de vanille à la main fertilisation

…to the lab!

We have forged strong links with L’École Valrhona’s technical and pastry-making experts. We also consider it our role to help chefs to get the best out of this essential ingredient, so learning resources and immersive experiences have become an integral part of Norohy’s culture.

Our leading organic Madagascan vanilla product is for professionals and individuals who prize quality and reliability. It has the kind of aromatic profile sought after by top chefs, with a high natural vanillin content and intense woody and floral aromas. Vanilla is to pastry chefs what truffles are to cooks. At Norohy, we want to honor this unique ingredient which has the power to enhance culinary creations with intense flavor and subtle aromas.

In particular, we are focusing on the most accurate dosing possible of vanilla in recipes to get the very best out of this ingredient.

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What’s next?

It will take time and commitment to make the world of vanilla more principled and respectful.

As a result, we and our local partners are taking real action on the ground so that planters and processors receive good training and support.

The first chapters in Norohy’s story are now being written in Madagascar and Tahiti for food professionals around the world. The story will continue thanks to the commitment and expertise of the people who work with vanilla, bringing ever greater transparency and light to the sector.

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