Organic Madagascan Vanilla Bean

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Our Madagascan vanilla has received organic certification. We select and encourage producers who use organic farming practices. Certifying the entire value chain: from the plantation to our storage warehouses

Madagascan vanilla: the secrets of Bourbon vanilla

To this day, the Vanilla Planifolia Orchid is hand-pollinated using techniques passed down through the ages. These green vanilla beans from eastern Madagascar’s Maroantsetra and Mananara regions are cultivated by an organic planters association.

After being harvested and selected, the beans are then processed and refined using traditional techniques. It takes more than six months for these black non-split vanilla beans to attain all their excellent quality, and they are monitored with the utmost care through every step in the process. Traditional skills are used to sort beans into similarly sized bunches and bind them with raffia.

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In my view, fascinating, mysterious vanilla is the most distinguished ingredient a pastry chef can use. It’s an absolute essential that works as well in the most sophisticated desserts as it does in the simplest pastries. It’s multifaceted enough to be used to add the perfect final touch to your creations or take a starring role in them. My preference is simply to split the bean open along its side using a very sharp knife. This way, it’s easy to get individual seeds out without causing any damage after you’ve infused the bean. Norohy Vanilla is oil- and vanillin-rich, so it adds a huge variety of aromas to your pastries. We’ve made a habit of weighing our beans so our recipes are even more precise and consistent.

Rémi Montagne, Executive Pastry Chef Ecole Valrhona, Tain l’Hermitage

Madagascan chefs and vanilla

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Good vanilla requires patience! Finally, the beans will be selected by size and tied into small, carefully gauged bunches before being packaged and shipped. We choose only the finest Gourmet black non-split vanilla measuring 6 to 9″ (16 to 23cm).

“From first pollination to dining tables, Norohy stands out for its mastery of preparation techniques, meticulous production management, tried-and-tested teaching and industry-renowned expertise.”

Characteristics of our Madagascan vanilla

Organic Black Non-Split Vanilla Beans
Origin: Madagascar – Product made using organic farming techniques
Botanical name: Vanilla Planifolia
Moisture content: 32-38%
Vanillin content: > 1.5%

Norohy’s leading vanilla product is for professionals who prize quality and reliability. It has the kind of aromatic profile sought after by top chefs, with a high natural vanillin content and intense woody and floral aromas.

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