A group of commited brands

Norohy belongs to a group of brands collectively known as Valrhona Selection, all of which are committed to ethical gastronomy. This group also includes Valrhona , Valrhona Signature, Sosa Ingredients and La Rose Noire.

All these brands have their own identity, special characteristics and history – but they also share a common vision.

Together, we want to develop as part of a sustainable project so that, with our customers and suppliers, we can co-create the ethical gastronomy of the future. We will achieve this vision by sourcing carefully selected ingredients and managing processing while ensuring employees’ wellbeing and supporting professional customers with their own creations.

This shared vision within Valrhona Selection allows us to offer our professional customers a wide range of products with the same level of excellent quality to meet their day-to-day needs.


Discover the brands


Chocolate’s leading pioneer, constantly seeking out the best of the best


Valrhona Signature:

The ideal partner when you want to create your own personal signature, guiding you towards a unique identity


Sosa Ingredients:

An innovator for new flavors, committed to pushing the boundaries of taste and texture



Involved in every stage of the process, from growing beans to your final food creations, the teams at Norohy can help you to select, process and showcase this essential ingredient at its best


La Rose Noire:

Handmade tart shells, facilitating professional creativity on a daily basis.


Norohy et Valrhona Selection collectif de marques engagées