The secrets of Tahitian vanilla

The story of what some call French Polynesia’s black gold begins in 1848. The Vanilla x Tahitensis orchid was first found in a Tahitian private garden before being produced on a larger scale across the island.

Unlike Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla pompona, Vanilla x tahitensis has a thinner stem and leaves. What makes Tahiti vanilla unusual is that the fruit does not open spontaneously when ripe (as it is what is known as an “indehiscent” plant). There are no fewer than 14 Tahitian vanilla cultivars on the island.

GOUSSE vanille de TAHITI Norohy

“Tahitian Norohy vanilla pods are very easy to use in ice cream because they have a natural gelling effect, lending my ice cream the perfect texture. I have always been very satisfied with their consistent quality and the aromas that the pods release.3

Florent Mantey – Pâtisserie Mantey

Chefs and Tahitian vanilla

tri gousses vanille tahiti norohy

Growing Tahitian vanilla takes time and precision. Each flower is pollinated by hand and the pods are picked ten months later as they reach their ripest. When the beans turn brown, they are alternately sun-dried and shade-dried over a period of several weeks, during which time they gradually become supple and shiny. Finally, they go through a refining process to allow them to develop secondary aromas and help preserve them.

“Just like in Madagascar, we have chosen short supply chains that allow us to work closely with vanilla growers in keeping with our philosophy of pursuing quality and traceability.”

Characteristics of our Tahitian vanilla

Black vanilla beans
From Tahiti
Botanical Species : Vanilla Tahitensis

Our Tahitian vanilla is grown on the island of Tahaa by 200 farmers and prepared on the island of Raiatea by our partner.

Tahitian vanilla is bursting with an aromatic bouquet made up of over 200 molecules. Its oily, aroma-rich beans offer intense aniseed and floral notes with a hint of almond, tonka bean and balsamic vinegar.

To take your discovery of this subtle vanilla to the next level, we have chosen to present you with the two main cultivars found on Tahiti:

  • The “Tahiti” variety: smaller beans that pack a punch of floral and aniseed aromas.
  • The “Haapape” variety: longer, thicker and oilier beans with subtle notes of chocolate.
pack vanille Tahiti Norohy

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