Recipe serves 6, makes ten 22cm-diameter galettes
  • Détrempe Dough for Upside-Down Puff Pastry
    • Bread flour 1060 g
    • Mineral water 455 g
    • European-style butter 340 g
    • Salt 35 g

    Slowly mix all the ingredients together – Be
    careful not to over-knead it. Leave to rest in the
    refrigerator for a few hours.

  • Beurre Manié for Upside-Down Puff Pastry
    • European-style butter 1140 g
    • Bread flour 455 g
    • Vanilla Paste 85 g

    Slowly mix the butter with the flour, and spread it
    between two plastic sheets.
    Leave to rest in the refrigerator for a few hours.

  • Upside-Down Puff Pastry
    • Beurre Manié 1590 g
    • Détrempe Dough 1910 g

    After folding the détrempe dough and beurre
    manié once, fold using a book turn and leave
    them to rest for at least 2 hours before folding
    another book turn.
    Store overnight in the freezer, and finish off with
    a letter turn before you use it.

  • Crème pâtissière for making "Vanilla Almond Cream"
    • Milk 315 g
    • Heavy cream 36% 35 g
    • Starch 17 g
    • Bread flour 10 g
    • Egg yolks 40 g
    • Sugar 105 g
    • Vanille gousse Madagascar NOROHY 4 g

    Bring the milk and cream to a boil along with half
    a vanilla bean. Whisk together the starch, flour
    and sugar, then add in the egg yolks. Combine
    the boiling milk and cream with this mixture, then

  • Vanilla Almond Cream
    • European-style butter 530 g
    • Blanched almond powder 130 g
    • Starch 55 g
    • Vanilla Extract 90 g
    • Eggs 530 g
    • Crème pâtissière 530 g

    Incorporate the eggs one by one to relax the
    almond paste. Add the almond flour, vanilla
    extract and creamed butter. Gently whip up the
    mix, then add the cornstarch.
    Finally, incorporate the tempered crème
    Store the mixture in the refrigerator or use


    Make the upside-down puff pastry and vanilla and almond cream.
    Roll out the pastry to a thickness of 4mm and cut out 21cm-diameter disks.
    Fill the galettes with approx. 250g vanilla and almond cream.
    Put a little prize in place for a lucky guest to find inside their dessert.
    Cover with the puff pastry disk.
    Glaze and score a pattern on the puff pastry.
    Bake in the oven at 355°F (180°C) for approx. 40 minutes.
    Use the sugar to make a dry caramel. Pour it out onto a silicone mat and leave it to cool. The caramel into a fine powder and sprinkle it over the baked galettes.

    Place in theoven for 2 minutes to melt the caramel.
    This technique allows the galettes to caramelize evenly, without burning the puff pastry

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