• Almond flour 256g
    • Rice flour 324g
    • Raw cane sugar 188g
    • Fine salt 4 g
    • Coconut oil 208 g
    • Water 64 g

    Mix the ingredients together, adding the water last.
    Push the resulting dough through a large-mesh sieve,
    then bake the pieces for 20 minutes at 285°F (140°C).

  • Crunch Mix
    • Almond Crumble 408g
    • Coconut oil 30g
    • Almond purée 108g
    • Cubed orange confit 60g

    Place the ingredients in the bowl of the mixer and add
    the almond crumble while it is still slightly warm. Chop
    the cubed orange confit a little more. Mix and roll out
    the crisp between 2 sheets to a depth of 4mm. Freeze,
    then cut into shape.

    • Almond flour 248g
    • Rice flour 186g
    • Egg whites (1) 266g
    • Powdered egg white 28g
    • Coconut sugar (1) 202g
    • Egg whites (2) 202g
    • Egg yolks 202g
    • Almond purée 94 g
    • Coconut Sugar (2) 124g

    Mix the egg whites (2), egg yolks, almond purée and
    coconut sugar (2). At the same time, beat the egg whites
    (1) with the powdered egg white while gradually adding
    the coconut sugar (2).
    Add the beaten egg whites to the previous mixture. Then
    add the almond flour and sifted rice flour.
    Finish mixing the sponge, put 1.5kg into each baking
    pan and bake at 340°F (170°C) for 12/15 minutes in a
    fan-assisted oven.



    Heat the water and sugar.
    Add remaining ingredients. Then gently steep the sponge in it.

    • Whole milk 380g
    • Egg yolks 87g
    • Sugar 87g
    • Powdered cream 33g
    • Unsalted butter 27g
    • NOROHY Vanilla bean 1
    • NOROHY Orange blossom 20 g
    • Whipped cream 380 g

    Infuse the split and scraped vanilla in the hot milk for 15
    minutes. Strain it to get rid of the vanilla pieces.
    Blanch the egg yolks and sugar.
    Add the powdered cream.
    Cook the pastry cream.
    Add the cubed butter and orange blossom.
    Cool the cream.
    After it has cooled, add the whipped cream to make the
    light cream mixture.

    • Organic orange segments 475 g
    • ADAMANCE Orange juice 210 g
    • ADAMANCE Mandarin purée 425 g
    • ADAMANCE Yuzu purée 85 g
    • Raw cane sugar 63 g
    • Pectin NH 15 g
    • Corn starch 10g
    • NOROHY Madagascan vanilla beans 2
    • Cinnamon sticks 2
    • Zest of 2 oranges 2
    • NOROHY Orange blossom 20g

    Place the orange segments in an ovenproof dish.
    Heat the juices and purées along with the vanilla, and
    add the raw cane sugar combined with the pectin NH.
    Then add the corn starch diluted in a little cold water
    and bring to a boil. Pour the mixture onto the segments.
    Add the cinnamon sticks and zest the oranges.
    Mix them in. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 16
    minutes at 320°F (160°C).
    Remove the foil and cinnamon sticks as soon as they are
    cooked. Leave to cool.
    Blend slightly with the orange blossom to smooth the
    confit, but keep a few pieces of orange.

    • Whole milk 60 g
    • Sugar 60 g
    • NOROHY Vanilla bean 1
    • Bloomed gelatin 51 g
    • Bloomed gelatin 650 g
    • Crème Sublime 80 g
    • NOROHY Orange blossom 20 g
    • Zest of 1orange 1

    Heat the milk, sugar, and split and scraped vanilla bean.
    Add the bloomed gelatin. Pour the cold liquid creams into
    the mixture, blending them all the while until perfectly
    combined. Add the orange blossom. Strain to remove
    the vanilla pieces. Add the orange zest. Refrigerate for
    12 hours.

    • VALRHONA Opalys white chocolate 150 g
    • Extra Blanc cocoa butter 100 g

    Melt together the white chocolate and cocoa butter.

    • VALRHONA Opalys white chocolate As needed

    Melt and temper the white chocolate. Use a piping
    bag to pipe the decorations onto the upside-down mini
    half-spheres. Once they have set, gently remove the
    decorations from their mold.


    The biscuits and croustillants are detailed with a cookie
    cutter, then the creams and compotes are poached on
    top, then smoothed to give a clear, pure shape, like an
    oblong pebble.

    To finish, the bases of these entremets are dipped in the
    whipped cream. This reverses the classic process, as
    the mousse/cream is added last and the finished cake is
    obtained without having to go through the freezing and
    unmoulding stage.

    Place the steeped sponge on top of the crisp. Use a plain
    round nozzle to pipe the light cream onto the far edges
    of the sponge. Fill the center with the orange compote.
    Cover this with light cream and smooth it into an oblong
    shape. Freeze.
    Then hold the desserts upside-down to dip them in the
    slightly whipped Crème Sublime.
    Use a slightly warmed melon baller to make a hollow.
    Place the white chocolate decorations on top of the
    cream. Freeze again.
    Spray on the white velvet spray.
    Pipe some orange confit into the middles of the little

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About the chef Florence Lesage

Florence Lesage has been pastry chef at the Westin Paris-Vendôme since 2018. Having secured silver in the World Pastry and Confectionery Championship, Florence uses her desserts to express simplicity and excellence. In a chic and refined setting, France’s representative at the prestigious Mondial des Arts Sucrés 2020 competition infuses desserts with pure, tangy flavor. Florence sees Norohy vanilla and its aromas as an irresistible invitation to an indulgent experience.