Put the red wine, sugar and orange blossom in a saucepan.
    Add the quartered oranges and lemons.
    Cut the peaches in half, pit them and put them in the wine
    syrup. Simmer over low heat until the peaches are tender.
    Seal the surface with film and leave in the refrigerator
    until the next day.

    • Fromage blanc (40% fat) .260g
    • Orange blossom water 20g
    • Egg whites 40g
    • Sugar 25g
    • Heavy cream 36% 160g

    Combine the fromage blanc and the orange blossom.
    Beat the egg whites to form stiff peaks, then beat in the
    sugar to stiffen them further.
    Mix the egg whites with the fromage blanc and finish by
    adding the whipped cream.
    Place the mousse in a fine sieve and cover it with film.
    Store it overnight in a deep tray in the refrigerator.

    • Warqa pastry sheets 12 pieces
    • European-style butter 200g
    • Confectioner’s sugar 50g
    • Black peppercorns As needed

    Brush some melted butter on each sheet of warqa pastry.
    Sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar and ground black

    • Peach in red wine 240g
    • Orange blossom water 10g

    Keep the juice left over from the peaches in red wine and
    reduce it to a thick syrup. Add the orange blossom water
    and set aside.

  • Steps

    One day in advance, poach the peaches in the red wine
    and make the fromage blanc mousse.
    Immerse the fresh peaches in boiling water for a few
    seconds so you can peel away their skin. Dry the peach
    skin on a silicone mat in a hot cupboard for 12 hours.
    Make the pepper-flavored warqa pastry sheets the day
    you serve your dessert, and crumple them into a 10cm
    ring (see photo).
    Bake at 330°F (170°C) for 12 minutes and leave to cool.
    Make the red wine reduction.
    Dice the fresh peaches you peeled the day before.
    Drain the peaches poached in wine and brush them with
    the reduction.
    Place the crumpled sheet of warqa pastry on the plate,
    garnish with a small amount of diced peach and place a
    poached half-peach on top.
    Place a spoonful of fromage blanc mousse next to the
    cup you have created with your pastry and garnish with
    a dash of ground pepper and a dried peach skin.
    Finish by pouring the red wine sauce over the peach.

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