60g per 14cm disk.

    Beat the egg whites on a slow speed until the air bubbles are evenly distributed, while gradually adding the sugar.
    Gently add the confectioner’s sugar to the egg whites using a spatula.
    Use an 8mm plain round nozzle to pipe twenty 14cm rounds of meringue onto baking trays covered with parchment paper.
    Pipe the rest of the meringue into stick shapes.
    Make some vanilla sugar by storing and drying out the vanilla beans you use, then grinding with confectioner’s sugar and sifting together. Sprinkle onto your meringue.
    Bake at 250°F (120°C) with the oven door slightly ajar until the meringues have a dry, brittle texture.
    Store in a dry place.


    Beat together the chilled cream, split and scraped vanilla and sugar.
    Store in the refrigerator.

    • Whole milk 3 050g
    • Milk Powder 0% 60g
    • Sugar 195g
    • Glucose powder 360g
    • Ice cream stabilizer 18g
    • WAÏNA 35 % 800g
    • NOROHY Vanilla bean 36g

    Pour the milk and split and scraped vanilla into your cooking pot (a saucepan or pasteurizing machine).
    Once it is at 75°F (25°C), add the dry milk.
    At 85°F (30°C), add the sugar and glucose powder.
    At 105°F (40°C), gradually combine with the melted WAÏNA 35% White Chocolate until a glossy, elastic texture forms.
    Heat again, then at 115°F (45°C), add the stabilizer mixture.
    Pasteurize at 185°F (85°C) for 2 minutes then quickly cool the mixture to 40°F (4°C).
    If possible, homogenize the mixture to make any fat crystals as tiny as possible.
    Leave the mixture to sit for at least 12 hours.
    Mix using an immersion blender and churn between 15- 20°F (-6°C to -10°C).

    • Lemon jam 200g
    • Lemon zest SQ

    Place a disk of meringue into a 4cm-tall 14cm ring.
    Fill with WAÏNA ice cream and smooth out. Freeze.
    Spread a thin layer of lemon jam on top of the WAÏNA ice cream, then cover with another meringue disk.

    Turn out the ice cream assemblies.
    Beat the cream, then attach differently sized meringue sticks all around the edge of the ice cream assemblies.
    Use a piping bag with a plain round nozzle to cover the whole surface of the iced meringue with vanilla whipped cream.
    Add a few pieces of lemon zest.

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