8 Desserts
    • Egg whites 317 g
    • Sugar 305 g
    • Egg yolks 317 g
    • Butter 70 g
    • Bread flour 66 g
    • COCOA POWDER 63 g
    • Potato starch 63 g

    Beat the egg whites and sugar. Gently fold in the egg yolks using a spatula, followed by the sifted dry ingredients and, finally, the butter melted at 105°F (40°C).
    Spread 1200g of mixture into each tray and bake at 355°F (180°C) for approx. 10 minutes. Cut the biscuit into 15cm disks.

    • Pastry flour 125g
    • Brown sugar 125g
    • Raw hazelnut flour 125g
    • Butter 125g
    • Fine salt 1g

    Using a paddle attachment, mix together the butter, brown sugar, hazelnut flour, flour and salt.
    Cook on a stove at 320°F (160°C) for 20 minutes.


    Put the streusel in a food mixer with a paddle attachment and add in the praliné and scraped vanilla pods. At the end of the mixing process, add in the toasted and chopped pecan nuts.
    Spread 150g per insert onto the sponge.

    • Brown sugar 137g
    • Very ripe bananas 1681g
    • Lime juice 59 g
    • Lime zest 3 g
    • Dark rum 118 g
    • NOROHY vanilla pods 3 pieces

    Bake the bananas in their peels for 20 minutes at 320°F (170°C) so they are reduced to a compote. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.
    Remove their blackened peel and place the fruit in a frying pan.
    Add in the brown sugar and vanilla seeds. Heat them up, flambé them in rum and add in the lemon juice and zests.
    Bring the mixture to a boil, then take it off the heat.
    Spread 250g into each insert, then freeze.

    • Whole milk 416g
    • Liquid crème fraîche 416g
    • Gelatin 130g
    • Isomalt 27g
    • Water 99 g
    • Invert sugar syrup 54g
    • Sugar 118 g
    • Fresh egg yolks 199 g
    • Whipped cream 723 g
    • NOROHY vanilla pods 18 pieces

    Heat together the milk and cream, open the vanilla pods and infuse them in the mixture.
    Sift out any seeds and add in the gelatin.
    Cook the water, sugar, isomalt and invert sugar syrup at 250°F (121°C), then combine this with the egg yolks and beat.
    Whip the cream using an electric whisk.
    Mix gently after heating to 60°F (16°C).
    Pour 260g of mousse into an Eclipse mold (from Silikomart) and put the insert in place.

    • Heavy cream 36% 190 g
    • Invert sugar syrup 19 g
    • Glucose syrup 19 g
    • Heavy cream 36% 284 g
    • NOROHY vanilla pods 3 pieces

    Boil the first portion of cream, invert sugar syrup, glucose and scraped vanilla.
    In 3 stages, gradually combine the mixture with the chopped couverture chocolate to create an emulsion.
    Add the second portion of cold cream and mix using an immersion blender. Store at 40°F (4°C).
    Whisk the mixture, then use an 8cm plain round nozzle to pipe it out into flower shapes.

    • Water 105 g
    • Sugar 53 g
    • Dark rum 8 g
    • Gelatin 13 g
    • Agar-agar 1 g
    • NOROHY vanilla pod 1 piece

    Boil the water, sugar, agar-agar and vanilla, and add in the gelatin and dark rum.
    Pour 20g into Cupole 01 silicone molds (from Silikomart) and freeze.
    Turn them out and place them in the center of the whipped cream flower.


    Once the dessert has been turned out, spray it with 250g of cocoa butter and 125g of white chocolate using a spray gun.
    Use a tea strainer to help you sprinkle some vanilla powder around the edges of the dessert.

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About the chef Jérôme De Oliveira

Before he was named the Champion des Arts Sucrés and the youngest ever World Pastry Champion, Jérôme De Oliveira always nurtured childhood dreams of becoming a pastry chef. Thanks to his creative flair, his pastries have an intuitive, meticulous quality to them. Intuition is also the name he gave his Cannes pastry shop, whose contemporary ambiance features an emerald-toned décor. He uses vanilla to take his creations up a level.