Serves 4
    • Large oysters 4 pieces

    Gently open up the oysters.
    Separate them from the shell, rinse them thoroughly and place them in the refrigerator on some kitchen paper.
    Reserve and filter the seawater.

    • Clove of garlic 1/2 piece
    • Shallot 1 piece
    • Button mushrooms 120 g
    • White wine 20 cl
    • Vegetable stock 20 cl
    • Dill* Half a bunch
    • Kampot pepper 3 peppercorns
    • Pine needle vinegar 1 teaspoon
    • NOROHY vanilla pod 1 piece

    * Set aside a few sprigs for serving

    Finely chop the garlic, shallots, mushrooms and dill and grind the pepper.
    Boil them in the white wine for 15 minutes, then add the vegetable stock along with the filtered seawater from the oysters.
    Scrape the vanilla pod to set aside the seeds and add the Norohy pod alone to the bouillon.
    Slowly cook and reduce the bouillon for 10 minutes.
    Filter the bouillon.
    Add the pine needle vinegar and Norohy vanilla seeds.
    Decant the bouillon into a hermetically sealed container to retain all the vanilla flavors and leave it in the refrigerator.

    • Granny Smith apple 1
    • Hazelnut oil SQ

    Peel and finely dice the Granny Smith apple.
    Place the oyster in its shell and add in the thoroughly chilled bouillon and small apple cubes.
    Sprinkle on a few drops of hazelnut oil and a few sprigs of dill. Make sure the vanilla seeds are visible on the oyster.

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About the chef Alexandre Couillon

To experience Alexandre Couillon’s inventive flair, you have to go to Noirmoutier. Although he is now head chef at La Marine, he always imagined he would grow up to be a fisherman. In 1998, at the age of 21, he and his partner took over his parents' restaurant. Now, Alexandre transports his guests in his visually arresting and refined setting that overlooks the sea. His doubly Michelin starred cuisine is shaped by its ingredients’ environment and home turf. In a symbolic nod to his childhood home of Senegal, Alexandre uses Madagascan vanilla to flavor his sweet and savory dishes.