A country with a thousand and one facets, famous for its thousand-year-old vestiges, its colourful culture and its paradisiacal landscapes, Mexico is also the historical birthplace of vanilla!

Discovered by the Totonaque people, living in the coastal regions of the Gulf of Mexico, they were the first to cultivate this very special orchid. They called it “caxixanath” which means “hidden flower”. Highly prized for its medicinal properties and flavouring power, legend has it that the Aztecs also used the vanilla bean to sweeten the bitterness of their cocoa drinks.


Today, the region of Papantla, in the state of Veracruz, is the main vanilla producing area in Mexico. Its warm, humid climate provides optimal conditions for growing rare vanilla with a complex and unparalleled flavour profile.

Mexico is also the only place in the world where the Melipone bee naturally pollinates the vanilla flower, even today in some remote areas.

Abeille melipone Mexique vanille

Characteristics of our mexican vanilla

Black vanilla beans
Origine : Mexico
Botanical species: Vanilla Planifolia

Our Mexican vanilla beans, grown in the Papantla region, have a complex and intense aromatic profile, revealing specific notes: woody, cocoa and prune.

Just like in Madagascar and Tahiti, we favour a short circuit, as close as possible to the producer. Our local partner works with more than 500 families who cultivate vanilla, and accompanies them to develop a model of “edible forests” in order to promote the diversification of productions for a sustainable agriculture.

Mexique gousses de vanille du mexique - Photo ambiance

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