We are proud to work alongside the 2021 Pastry World Cup as a partner of this prestigious competition!

A competition that’s one of its kind in the world

Founded in 1989 by Gabriel Paillasson, the Pastry World Cup is held every two years in Lyon, France as part of the SIRHA, the worldwide hospitality, food and food service event. This competition brings together teams from around the world, each made up of a chocolate artist, a dessert specialist and an ice cream expert. For 10 hours, the teams perform both on a taste and artistic level, in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Over its 30 years of existence, the competition has evolved to reflect the profession’s changing aspirations and techniques, the emergence of new pastry scenes around the world. Today, the competition is a benchmark in the profession, and a great springboard for the most talented pastry chefs.

In the last edition in January 2019, Malaysia’s team won the gold medal and the Pastry World Champion title, followed by Japan and Italy who came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

In the 2021 finals, Malaysia, Japan and Italy will be defending their titles against 17 other countries from around the world. France, one of the countries with the most wins and Pastry World Champion 2017, will also compete in this next edition.

Competition rules

Over a two-year cycle, around 50 national selection events as well as five continental events are organized around the world to reveal the generation’s best pastry chefs. For the finals, 20 nations meet for a unique, festive sharing experience that celebrates the art of pastry in all its excellence; an astonishingly creative laboratory kitchen that is home to the most innovative techniques and shapes trends in taste and design.

The team that takes part in the finals consists of one team Jury President, three candidates (including one team captain) and a promotion manager.

On the big day, 10 hours of trials await participants, with a chocolate dessert for sharing, an iced dessert, a restaurant dessert and two sculptures: one made from chocolate and the other from sugar. These challenges amount to an incredible collective performance with one goal: to become world champion.

An international jury composed of illustrious pastry chefs is in charge of selecting the winner, this year assisted by a special restaurant dessert jury with 3 culinary chefs and 5 pastry chefs from restaurants from all over the world.


The 17th edition of the competition will be chaired by Pierre Hermé, who will succeed Gabriel Paillasson. He is joined by two Vice-Presidents: Claire Heitzler and Frédéric Cassel. This new chair committee aims to steer the competition towards ethical, environmentally-friendly pastry-making, while continuing to foster sharing and developing expertise and promote the professions and crafts involved in the Pastry World Cup.

The new International Joint Organising Committee is composed of as many seasoned pastry chefs as young talents. Together, their objective is to breathe new life into the competition and give it this new direction. They are: Julien Alvarez, Quentin Bailly, Sébastien Bouillet, Christelle Brua, Alain Chartier, Patrick Chevallot, Claire Damon, Sophie De Bernardi, Jérôme De Oliveira, Laurent Le Daniel, Johanna Le Pape, Christophe Michalak, Angelo Musa, Philippe Rigollot, Marc Rivière and Eric Vergne, and they will have the daunting task of picking up the baton from a committee that has worked on the Pastry World Cup for over 30 years.
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