To guarantee our vanilla beans are optimally traceable and ensure consistent quality all year round, we choose to source directly from the grower and highlight local partners’ work throughout the processing cycle.

Our calling is to create links between producers and chefs. We are committed to bringing these two worlds closer together, which both work with our vanilla.

Trip to the Madagascar plantations

voyage plantation madagascar norohy vanille

In 2019, we had the opportunity to take cooking professionals to vanilla plantations in Madagascar and share all the key stages with them, from growing to processing, that go into a high quality vanilla bean.

Since the trip, my relationship with vanilla has completely changed and I now know how to recognize a quality vanilla bean just by looking at it. Nowadays, in my store, I share this vision with my clients: choosing quality vanilla is guaranteeing that you are playing a part in its prosperity. Joël Boyer Pereira, from the Castel Praliné